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There’s no better way to launch your physio career than as a CSP student rep. Luke Rockett knows: he is one

Just joined a physio course? Of course you’ll want to join the CSP. But rather than just fretting about whether what clubs and societies to join, why not think about how you can learn other skills that will benefit you in your future profession – including representing your fellow physio students.

As a student rep you will be taking a proactive move within the world of physiotherapy. You will gain skills in time management, motivational speaking and a connection within the UK physiotherapy community, which is over 100 years old!

You will also attend several meetings throughout the year. These include the cohort of reps from within your region, where you discuss matters within the physiotherapy community and what is going on within your own cohort, what you are currently studying, and fundraising ideas.

You also work towards the annual national student rep development weekend. There, you’ll hear inspirational speakers from around the profession – including those at the head of national sports teams – get a bit of continuing professional development and learn what other students are doing.

This may sound like a lot, but don’t worry, you are given training over two days in the CSP London office, where you’ll gain a greater understanding on the role.

How do you become a CSP rep? The society’s student co-ordinator Jamie Carson will attend your university throughout the beginning of term with more information. You may need to present a speech to tell your new cohort why you would be good rep (or bribe them with biscuits!).

As someone in your position two years ago I cannot emphasise the difference this role can have on your whole physiotherapy degree, the people you will meet, and the knowledge you will gain. You may even find yourself on the student executive committee at the CSP.

Although as a rep you are not paid, your travel and any accommodation is always taken care of.

Luke Rockett is the chair of the CSP student executive committee and second year Bournemouth university student

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