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CSP reps have risen to the challenge of supporting you in challenging times – you can thank them via the Rep of the Year Awards

 Rep of the Year Award
CSP Rep of the Year Awards 14 - 15 June 2022

Have you been helped by a CSP rep lately? Thousands of members are assisted by stewards and safety reps with employment issues each year. CSP reps are all working members who volunteer to be there for colleagues. For most members a CSP rep is the face of the CSP, the first port of call for help and information in the NHS and other workplaces across the UK. 

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This is why the CSP Rep of the Year Awards has been an annual highlight of the CSP calendar for many years now.

Interrupted due to Covid-19, the awards are back in 2022, along with the CSP Annual Representative Conference (ARC) where the winners will be presented with their prizes. 

CSP trade union organiser Iain Croker said: ‘The past two years have been tumultuous and challenging for all members, due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Heightened concerns and awareness of discrimination at work have come at the same time as major health and safety concerns for staff, with rising workloads and stress.’ 

While working through this extremely tough period as physiotherapists and support workers delivering for patients, CSP reps have also risen to the challenge to support you, their fellow members. Other members have stepped forward to be equality reps in a pilot project, joining stewards and safety reps in helping deliver change in the workplace on equity, diversity and belonging issues.

Mr Croker continued: ‘To reflect the huge efforts we know reps have made for you in the most difficult and changing conditions, we have refreshed the awards. There will still be prizes for outstanding stewards and outstanding safety reps. This year, we also want to recognise teams of reps who have pulled together and collaborated to get the best possible outcomes for you. Furthermore, we really want to celebrate and highlight action by reps around equality in the workplace,’ The CSP uses the awards in part to shine a light on the great work of our reps, which only ever partially gets the visibility that it deserves.

So nominating your rep is a great way to say thanks to them. But more importantly, by nominating them you will raise the profile of all CSP reps. Greater awareness will mean members are more likely to tap this valuable member benefit and we also hope – in true ‘organising’ spirit – offer a helping hand to support reps as workplace colleagues to collectively resolve issues in the workplace together. 

By nominating and shining a light on our reps, you will also inspire other members to stand forward as reps themselves. This in turn will ensure we maintain one of the greatest strengths of the CSP – our reps in the workplace.

The awards are sponsored by Thompsons Solicitors, and the awards ceremony will take place at ARC in Manchester on 14-15 June.  

Claire Sullivan, CSP director of employment relations and union services, said:

These awards recognise the fantastic achievements of our stewards and safety reps across the UK. During a difficult few years due to the pandemic, more than ever our reps have continued to go above and beyond, whether it’s supporting our members or organising around a workplace issue.  

We look forward to showcasing the nominations and meeting this year’s winners in Manchester.’

When you are nominating, consider whether your rep(s) has(ve): 

  • organised a successful campaign to improve your working lives.
  • recruited and communicated effectively with you as members.
  • encouraged you as CSP members to be active in the CSP at work.
  • assisted you with individual problems at work.
  • improved health and safety at your workplace.
  • integrated equity, diversity and belonging into their work. 

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