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The CSP is embedding a culture of continuous improvement in its development of the common placement assessment form, says Dougie Lauchlan

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Dougie Lauchlan is senior lecturer in physiotherapy at Glasgow Caledonian University
Dougie Lauchlan is senior lecturer in physiotherapy at Glasgow Caledonian University 

Since the Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF) was launched in September 2022, it has provided a more standardised approach to assessing physiotherapy placements, across all settings, for all learners. With over 98 per cent uptake across 65 higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK, CPAF has emerged as the method for assessing physiotherapy students in practice.  

CPAF uptake is over 98% across 65 HEIs in the UK

As part of continuous improvement for CPAF, the CSP has convened a short life working group to review its implementation and to ensure it is still meeting the needs of all stakeholders, build upon its initial success and make enhancements where necessary. 

Made up of HEI staff, practice educators and students from across all four nations, the working group has been tasked with reviewing the results from a CSP survey of members on how they feel the CPAF is working (and thank you to the 706 people who took the time to give us their feedback). 

Through reviewing this feedback, alongside research undertaken by the University of Plymouth which reviewed the utility and performance of the tool, the group aims to make recommendations for any revisions required to the current CPAF.

At this stage in the review, whilst there have been many positive comments on the effectiveness and versatility of the CPAF, there is a feeling that completing the form is time intensive for both practice educators and students and reducing the assessment burden is something this work hopes to address.

It is important to note, however, that although it is likely there will be some minor adaptations to the existing form, we are not anticipating any changes to the established learning domains. The CPAF short life working group is committed to listening to the voices of all stakeholders in this review process, with a view to keeping members updated on progress. 

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