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Pip White shares how using new CSP resources can help you make a difference to your patients rehabilitating from a hip fracture

Pip White (right) is a professional adviser at the CSP and is the hip sprint implementation lead

The CSP hip fracture rehabilitation standards are already starting to show an impact on aspects of patient care in the acute sector. So what? There is a large and growing evidence base that getting people out of bed quickly after hip fracture and providing targeted rehabilitation is key to improving clinical outcomes for patients.

The standards are a direct way of enabling physiotherapy teams to review both what they do, and how they deliver their services, in order to plan their own priority areas for local data-driven quality-improvement audit work.

The long-term impact of the standards relies upon members adopting the standards in their workplace and using them to demonstrate success and where further improvement or investment may be needed. We are calling this ‘hip sprint local’. It’s not another national central audit, it’s us helping you undertake local work and make changes relevant to you and your patients.

The CSP has a number of resources to help you.  

Join our new hip sprint hubs. These are virtual communities aimed at building local sustainable networks of CSP members to build bridges across the fragmented pathways that we know currently exist, and working together to drive local improvements. You might be the first to join your hub, but like all great parties, someone has to get it started!

Come along to one of our upcoming regional hip sprint hub events. Physios love to talk. We’re working with ATOCP and AGILE to deliver free local events to help members and teams connect with each other in person and share good practice. 

Why not share the results of your improvement work? The hip sprint project has funds to pay for poster production of your work for you to submit to academic conferences. Good for your CPD, good promotion for your workplace and a good way to get started in QI or research work.


  • Pip White is a professional adviser at the CSP and is the hip sprint implementation lead

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