Union services: workplace wins

Your CSP reps can support you with workplace problems. Here, we share some of their successes.

Union services: workplace wins


Win 1: Job losses prevented

Thomas and Jo protected physio jobs at an employer in Warrington. A change to a service would have meant the loss of three band 8 physio positions and four staff would have had to re-interview for the same post. The stewards highlighted the issue, supported and met with staff, attended meetings with senior management and staff side and were ‘persistent’. Working with other local union colleagues was important too.  They say: ‘We protected three band 8 physio jobs put at risk under a service reconfiguration.’

Win 2: Downbanding stopped

Steward Joanne helped ensure a review of the job descriptions of therapy assistants maintained their existing bandings. When the review was announced at an employer in Barnsley, there were ‘worries around downbanding’ but Joanne played a big role in rewriting them to ensure this did not happen. ‘I ensured the job description reflected all duties and the outcome was fair’. She adds: ‘Staff were pleased that the posts remained at band 3.’ 

Win 3: Better work environment

A Portacabin with inadequate temperature control, slippery metal steps and pigeons nesting below it was condemned and the community physiotherapy staff working in it relocated to a healthier, safer room, thanks to the intervention from a CSP safety rep. Kay, from a Welsh health board, undertook a temperature control test and risk assessments of the area, encouraged staff to report the matter using the Datix system, as well as to their manager and the estates department. Kay liaised with the manager and raised the issue several times with Pembrokeshire health and safety partnership forum. Also, equipment that had been stored unsafely was moved to a more suitable temporary location until permanent storage could be found. 

Workplace issues?

If you need support on an employment matter or on health and safety, contact your workplace rep in the first instance. Or call the CSP Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or e-mail enquiries@csp.org.uk

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