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A tribute to our patron 1926 - 2022

Our Patron
Her Majasty 1926 - 2022 [Photos: Alamy}

HM Queen Elizabeth II served as our patron for almost 70 years. 

On 8 September, following the sad announcement of her passing, the CSP extended its heartfelt condolences to the royal family, and also to our members affected by this loss.

Speaking at the time CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘We are deeply saddened to hear of the death of our patron, Her Majesty The Queen.

‘On behalf of all at CSP, I share our condolences with the royal family and our thoughts are with them in their grief.

The Queen
[Photos: Alamy]

‘Our thoughts are also with members affected by this loss during this time.’

The Queen became patron of the CSP in 1953 and sent her official royal greetings to our members every year since then, to mark our annual general meetings.

In 2020, she sent us the following message, noting the vital contribution of physiotherapy staff in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and also the centenary of CSP’s Royal Charter:

Please convey my warm thanks to the Fellows, members, Associates and student members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy for their loyal greetings, sent on the occasion of their annual general meeting which is being held online today.

‘As your patron I was interested to learn of the role played by your members during the Covid-19 pandemic and to be reminded that this year marks 100 years since the granting of a Royal Charter to the society.

‘I send my best wishes to you all for a most memorable and enjoyable virtual gathering.’ 

Reflecting on her contribution 

On the day of the Queen’s passing, CSP chair of council Alex MacKenzie said: ‘The thoughts of CSP Council, members and I are with the royal family following the death of Her Majesty the Queen.

‘On behalf of both the CSP’s Council and members, I send our profound condolences and share our sadness at the news of both a profound personal loss for the royal family and of a sovereign.

The Prince and Her Majasty
[Photos: Alamy]

‘Her Majesty had an enduring involvement with the society as its patron over many decades, including attending the CSP’s Diamond Jubilee reception in 1980 and the opening ceremony of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress in 1991.

‘The thoughts of our members are with the royal family as we refl ect, too, the great contribution the Queen has made to public life, including as the patron of the CSP.’

The Queen’s patronage of the CSP stems from the Royal recognition the CSP first received when King George V granted the society a Royal Charter on 11 June 1920.

The charter was granted in recognition of the society’s high education and professional standards, and its influence upon the CSP remains relevant to this day as this official document granted the CSP Council certain powers, such as the right to award chartered status, and also defined our organisation’s core aims and ways of working.

The Royal Charter sets out the CSP’s purpose, constitution and powers to govern and, as a result, the society is governed by its Charter, statutes and bye-laws. And the Privy Council still holds the CSP to account, in order to uphold the Charter’s principles and obligation.

Over the past 70 years, the Queen has had a number of key moments as patron. 

In 1980, the Queen honoured the CSP by attending our Diamond Jubilee reception, which was held at Fishmongers’ Hall in London, and Her Majesty was also in attendance at the opening ceremony of World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress, held in London in 1991.

CSP president Baroness Ilora Finlay said: ‘Her Majesty’s dedication to all her subjects has been unwavering throughout her reign. Her Majesty’s work provided stability during many turbulent times. Her support to the CSP has been inspiring and uplifting.

‘Her Majesty’s attendance at our major events, and her annual letter to every CSP annual general meeting, have been very important contributions. We feel deeply honoured that she was our patron.’

Honouring physios

CSP members were frequently recognised in her Majesty’s New Year’s and Birthday Honours lists; with three receiving honours earlier this year, in recognition of the impact of their work.

In addition, each year a small delegation of CSP members and staff were invited to attend one of the Queen’s annual garden parties at Buckingham Palace.

Parliament hears tribute to the Queen, from CSP president

CSP president Baroness Ilora Finlay spoke to Parliament last month, on behalf of the society, and delivered a poignant tribute to our late patron Her Majesty the Queen.

Speaking during two days of tributes that were heard in the Houses of Commons and Lords, Baroness Finlay told peers and MPs that:

‘The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy had the honour of having the Queen as our patron since 1953, its charter having been granted by her grandfather King George IV in June 1920.

‘Every year of those 69 years, she sent her official royal greetings to our members to mark our annual general meetings.

‘In 2020, the centenary of our Charter, she particularly noted the vital contribution of physiotherapy staff in response to the Covid pandemic.

‘Every year when, as president, I read out her message, the uplift in the room was palpable.

‘It was affirmation by her. An affirmation of physiotherapists, who are focused on the service of the health of the nation – her subjects – who all felt, and indeed knew, that she deeply appreciated their important role.’

A video of Baroness Finlay’s full speech is available here

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