Helping with the rising costs of living

Find out how your CSP membership can help you with the cost of living...

cost of living

With high inflation, many CSP members will be worrying about the cost of living.

Your CSP membership helps us to represent you, whether that’s securing fair pay and conditions at work, better fees if you are self-employed, or funding while you study. You also get access to a range of benefits and advice to help you through a crisis and to save money #CSP4FairPay.

Our collective strength as a trade union means we can challenge the real-terms pay cuts that most members are facing. By acting together, we’re able to press for levels of pay that members deserve. With NHS pay levels setting a reference for most non-NHS pay, our influencing and campaigning carried out jointly with other unions affects the pay of physio staff wherever they work. 

As we prepare industrial action ballots for eligible members in the NHS, be ready to stand with your colleagues and vote for fair pay

Claim tax relief on your uniform and professional subscriptions.

You could be eligible to claim tax relief on money you’ve spent on uniform, travel, CSP membership and HCPC registration. Read our guide to find out more.

Achieving equal pay in your workplace toolkit 

The CSP have worked with The Equality Trust, trade unions, academics and human resources professionals to create The Equality Trust’s Toolkit for Achieving Equal Pay in your Workplace. 

This toolkit has been created to help employees, workers and union representatives to address unequal pay in their workplaces through examining the policies and practices in a workplace that lead to this inequality.  

Get help with your finances

The CSP member benevolent fund (MBF) provides assistance to members facing financial difficulty.

Help can include:

  • advice on benefits, financial planning or debt.
  • support with CSP subscriptions.
  • regular financial payments, one-off grants, or interest-free loans.

Find out more

£10 for you,  £10 for a friend

Help to grow the CSP community and earn yourself £10 in the process. All you need to do is refer a new student, associate or chartered member to the CSP and we’ll send both you and the new member a £10 digital reward code. You can bank these up or spend them straight away with a range of retailers and outlets. Order free print materials to help you recruit new members and find out more. 

Helping self-employed members

The CSP is seeking legal advice on how we can support self-employed and small business owning members to secure better fee rates from insurers and intermediaries.

Are you in the right membership category?

We have discounted membership rates for members who are taking a break from practising, or have retired. Make sure you are paying the right amount and let us know if you need to make a change here at Manage your membership

Save with CSP Plus

Members can save a potential average of £500 per year through the discounts and savings available on the CSP Plus platform. Some of the most used discounts by members are on cinema tickets, gym membership, shopping vouchers and insurances for car, life and travel. Find out more and start saving at CSP Plus.

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