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The CSP eLibrary service might be a resource which could make a difference to your studies and early career development says Maddie Jackson

Maddie Jackson is a physiotherapy graduate from St Mary’s University, Twickenham
Maddie Jackson is a physiotherapy graduate from St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Have you ever had that message pop up when you try to access an article asking you to ‘pay for full access to the pdf’ when doing research for an essay? 

I am lucky enough to have access to two sets of databases from my current and previous university logins – and I still had trouble accessing research for assignments for my physio degree. 

When I found the CSP eLibrary service, I had a lot more access to research and e-books that were relevant to the degree and placement practice. 

It is a more specialised collection of e-resources that are more relevant to just physiotherapy than the ones you get from your university library or google scholar. 

You can also request copies of articles or research. Once you want to reference the piece of information, EDS and WorldCat Discovery have all the tools like PubMed and other elibrary services, and you can export the citations to all the major bibliographic/reference management software in whatever style you need. 

One thing I didn’t know – and which I find very helpful – is that what is called ‘grey literature’ from health bodies, government, and charities, including material such as guidelines, can also be found in the same search as all the research papers. This is unique to the CSP’s collection. It also saves having lots of tabs open at the same time and streamlines your searches. 

What is also great is that you can have access to the pocketbook you didn’t choose when signing up for a CSP student membership, so you still get the best of both worlds. 

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the CSP eLibrary services, it could take your assignments to the next level, in a shorter space of time. 

The new name for the (e)library is eLibrary, Knowledge and Archive Services (eLKAS) or eLibrary for short.

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