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Clinical Physio 

Follow @clinicalphysio on Instagram for tips on a variety of MSK tips and discussions. The organisation also has a membership community where you can further your clinical knowledge through on-demand webinars and podcast episodes.

Just Physio MSK 

Are you ready for your MSK placements? Check out these free case studies for students interested in MSK and newly qualified physios rotating into MSK.  Created by a senior MSK physiotherapist titled 'Improve your clinical reasoning in MSK'

Collaborate don’t compete

Are you studying alongside students who will become exercise professionals? Find out what this might mean for your career and working practices. Find out more here from Collaborate, Don’t Compete. 

Future Frontline 

If you come across resources and tools you would like to share with other clinicians please send them to

Founded in August 2020, Future Frontline is a community of students on course to qualify as allied health professionals. Membership is free and you can access educational resources and events while building a network for your future. Join the conversation at


Feeling overwhelmed? Originally designed to help people with ADHD, anyone can use this AI tool to break goals down into manageable steps, consider the tone of written language and even suggest recipes for your leftovers!

Office for Students

The Office for Students provides more support than you might think. Their website offers access to free resources and events on a number of student-specific issues; providing guidance for students and educators alike. Understand your rights and get advice on funding, mental health and more.

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