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Student Amara Mussawer picked Nepal for a placement to explore healthcare systems and differences in practice

Amara Mussawer
Amara Mussawer, final year student at the University of Central Lancashire

During March, I ventured out to Kathmandu with Projects Abroad to explore how the healthcare system runs in a developing country where poverty is prevalent. It quickly became apparent that the 2015 earthquake had a significant impact on the city’s infrastructure, and the country is still building itself up with limited resources. The physiotherapy placement I undertook provided me with an opportunity to learn from a different perspective and enriched my personal growth.

As a student, having an opportunity to travel across the world to understand the privileges we have in the UK, particularly access to the NHS, was extremely eye-opening. Broadening our exposure gives us the ability to learn new skills whilst contributing to the community and making a real impact. It required being resourceful with what was available in the physiotherapy clinic, encouraging me to think outside the box to achieve the same goal.

Travelling for such a cause empowers you to discover the world we live in and build an understanding of cultures and beliefs that can influence how a patient responds to the healthcare services being provided to them.

Kathmandu with Projects Abroad

Creating real connections with people having undergone hardships in their lives, that are different to those we may see in the UK, can have a huge positive effect on the way we communicate with patients, and this is something I have brought back with me and hope to adopt in my own clinical practice. 

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and embracing the opportunities we have available is key to success. 

It helps us handle difficult situations we may face as clinicians, empathise with our patients, and ultimately shapes how we deliver care. This was an experience I will always carry forward with me as I qualify and begin my own practice, and I hope that every health professional has the chance to have an overseas clinical experience.  Volunteer Abroad & Internships

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