The CSP’s Student reference group of 2021/22

As this year’s SRG come to the end of their term, some student officers reflect on their achievements as they hand over to their successors

In detail

Using social media to give students a voice

I’m really proud of the work we’ve done to help increase the presence of student members in all areas of the CSP’s work.

Maddie Jackson
Maddie Jackson

Using social media to gain insight on individual experiences I have been able to support projects like KnowBest with the CSP education team and the University of Hertfordshire, and am leading on an upcoming student wellbeing campaign. I’ve been amazed at the variety this role allows and can’t wait to work with our new officers.

  • Maddie Jackson, social media officer

Connecting students across the UK

My greatest achievement with the SRG this year was hosting a UK-wide networking event for physio societies and helping

Norman Koos
Norman Koos

them develop those connections through a WhatsApp group. It’s been another challenging year for physiotherapy students and to be in a position to enable that peer support has been extremely rewarding. I’ll be graduating this year and would recommend this opportunity to any student who wants to learn about and improve physiotherapy education and student support. 

  • Norman Koos, events officer 

Enhancing education

We’ve been able to deliver some really interesting CPD events for students this year and I’m really proud to have

Serena Yu
Serena Yu

contributed to the equity, diversity and belonging work the CSP have been undertaking. 

I’ve really appreciated getting a good understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and have been able to talk with some really inspirational people. There are sometimes challenges in this role, but the staff at the CSP have been super supportive. 

  • Serena Yu, learning and development officer

Building confidence and creating opportunity

Being an SRG officer has really increased my confidence when putting myself forward for opportunities and bringing my ideas to the table. I have learned vital skills, including how to connect and work with people remotely, ask for support when I need it, and understanding the impact of my work on others.  I know I can look back at my time with the SRG and use my

Antoine Awad
Antoine Awad

successes as a way to help me remember my strengths when encountering self-doubt. I would say, better to learn these skills now with so much support around you! I am really pleased with the work the CSP is doing with equity, diversity and belonging in physiotherapy and education, and look forward to seeing what the next EDB officers get up to. 

  • Antoine Awad, equity, diversity and belonging officer

Representing students locally and nationally

My favourite moment as an SRG officer was running the ‘All about placements’ webinar. As a group we have worked hard

Anabell Harris
Anabell Harris

producing resources, articles and anything else often over a short timeframe and from locations across the UK. I have learned a lot more about how the CSP runs, and the support from experienced clinicians and other members of the CSP team has been really useful. I’m looking forward to mentoring the next Wales officer to help create more connections between students at universities in Wales.

  • Anabell Harris, Wales officer

Improving student experience

While volunteering as an SRG officer I’ve really come to understand the value of having your voice heard, and being able to

Emma Gunn
Emma Gunn

help other students express their views on the topics that are important to them. Coming from Scotland, it has been

interesting to discover the differences in education across the UK, getting involved with projects that look at improving opportunities for physio students and inclusion on placement. 

I would recommend any student member takes this opportunity, which allows you to take pride in knowing you can influence education and placement practice. It’s a perfect opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and gain lots of new skills!

  • Emma Gunn, Scotland officer

We’re looking for our next Student Reference Group

If you or someone you know will be a CSP student member between September 2022 and June 2023 we want to hear from you. We are looking for physiotherapy students located across the UK to help us improve and champion physiotherapy practice and education. You will be involved in a number of projects at the CSP, helping to represent and engage students with CSP activity. The deadline for applications is 30 June.  For full details on the roles available and how to apply go to our website.

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