Everyone’s a leader: leadership and the Physiotherapy Works programme

Leadership is a key topic for the CSP’s Physiotherapy Works programme in the coming year, writes Kirsten Bradbury.

The CSP has a role in both modelling and developing leadership in the fields of physiotherapy practice, research and education.
We want the profession to be recognised as having a critical part to play in delivering and transforming health and care.
The society’s Physiotherapy Works programme aims to support, enable and empower members to achieve this vision. In particular, we want to strengthen members’ ability to influence and take up the challenges and opportunities offered by the changing healthcare environment.
Ultimately, the CSP aims to improve the profile and secure the future of our profession. This involves strengthening leadership skills, recognising the value and impact of the profession, and creating opportunities for members to play their part.
The Physiotherapy Works programme is developing a number of leadership projects. We started last year with a series of workshops for members and a survey of their experiences of and views on leadership.
We also commissioned a report on leadership for physiotherapists, which is due to be published next month. The information gathered from the workshops, research and survey will help us shape the leadership resources that we develop for members in the coming months. 

Proposals for future work on leadership projects include

  • business skills development: a pilot and potential roll-out of the use of the business skills stimulation game to develop business skills
  • securing new opportunities: enabling members to identify and secure opportunities that expose them to alternative, or new environments across the health and care sector
  • leadership skills development: enabling members to have new, or better access to learning environments for leadership skills development 
  • mentoring: set up and run mentor schemes for members to give support for personal development with an opportunity to seek advice 
  • value and recognition for members: develop a means of providing members with a sense of value and recognition for their participation and leadership efforts

We also plan to launch two resources 

  • resources in leadership: updating CSP leadership resources and bringing them together through a new area of the website. This will be in conjunction with work exploring external resources, to which members will be signposted 
  • case studies database: we will find and promote great case studies through an online database. This will have an online submission and search facility so members can find out what is happening in their region or specialty. 
We believe these initiatives will help physiotherapists to move into leadership positions or use their leadership skills to influence services or organisations, ensuring members and patients benefit from their contribution to care. 
  • Kirsten Bradbury is assistant director of the CSP’s Physiotherapy Works programme
Kirsten Bradbury is assistant director of the CSP’s Physiotherapy Works programme

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