Editor's comment: your vote counts

As the opportunity for members in England to vote on the NHS pay offer opens later this week, it’s an important time.

Members want their true value to be recognised but there’s the thorny issue of how much the government is prepared to pay to do that. This comes as the health secretary announced an inquiry into how the NHS will be funded in the future. Increased taxation could be on the cards.
The CSP Council recommends acceptance of the pay offer. You can read more, and get details of how to vote,here.  
Meanwhile, student members are battling the ludicrous situation where – due to a ‘human error’ in the Student Loan Company’s (SLC) calculations – some CSP members face a potential claw back of several thousand pounds. The CSP has told the SLC and the Department for Education that these overpayments should be written off. It’s hardly a good start to your physiotherapy career to be saddled with a bigger loan than you’d bargained for. 
Our three student contributors (pages 16-17) are some of the future voices of the leaders of the profession. For those of you further down the road in your career, their energy and enthusiasm might remind you of your early steps in the profession. Hopefully, for many of you, that fire still burns. Whatever band you’re on, make sure your voice is heard in the final decision on pay. 
  • Lynn Eaton managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications eatonl@csp.org.uk

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