Editor's comment: pinpoint the pressure

Welcome to 2017. After all the Christmas excesses, the new year always brings a chance to reflect and rethink your priorities for - well - January at least!

We've plenty in this issue to educate, engage and inform CSP members through the long winter nights.

Where better to start than looking at a new physio-run initiative: a gym for people with long term conditions who can now exercise under the direct supervision of physiotherapists, rather than just a gym instructor (page 24).

Unfortunately, some of you may be dreading going back to work after a stress-free holiday. If so, do take a look at our article, Pinpoint the pressure, on CSP's workplace campaign to highlight and address workplace stress (page 16).

It recognises that the workplace can sometimes be a difficult environment to be in, particularly in the NHS where demand is high, you are passionate about the service you provide to your patients, but your time and the clinic's budget are limited.

'Don't struggle alone', is the message. If things are getting on top of you, talk to your steward who has been trained to offer advice to you on this issue. If you don't have a steward in your workplace, then speak to the CSP enquiries team (Tel: 020 7306 6666).

While taking up mindfulness or yoga can undoubtedly help you cope with stress, they won't necessarily help you to address the underlying problems about the amount of work you're being asked to do, or the way in which you are doing it.

Pinpoint the Pressure: www.csp.org.uk/pressure

Lynn Eaton, managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications ~ eatonl@csp.org.uk

Lynn Eaton

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