Editor's comment: New year resolutions

Why not make a new year resolution to get more involved with your profession, asks Frontline managing editor Lynn Eaton.

Have you made any resolutions for 2018? And already broken them? I expect so, if you’re anything like me … and I’m certainly not going public on what mine were.

But for the CSP, resolutions take a different form. Strategies and objectives are more the management-speak of societies, business organisations and even trade unions. They can’t be dreamed up on New Year’s Eve and discarded the next day because they are too difficult.

I hope you’ll enjoy our spotlight on 2018, trailing the CSP’s main priorities for the year ahead. It’s never easy to distil the main ‘big items’ that an organisation should be working hard at, but the piece gives you a flavour of the society’s priorities: community rehabilitation, public health and, of course, pay.

If you’re worried about your pay – and who isn’t? – why not take action by writing to your MP?
Lynn Eaton

This year will also see a new-style CSP Council in place by April (see www.csp.org.uk/council2018). While council members are charged with overseeing the work of the society, the ultimate challenge is for you to get involved in the initiatives outlined on pages 16-17. If you’re a first contact physio, the CSP wants to hear about your experiences. Been involved in promoting the wider public health agenda? Why not get involved in our campaign?

If you’re worried about your pay – and who isn’t? – why not take action by writing to your MP?

We all know that what we get out of our membership of any organisation depends on what we put in. But the strength of the CSP lies in its members.

Make your 2018 resolution getting that little bit more involved this year, to help your profession.

Lynn Eaton
managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

Lynn Eaton

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