Cycling challenge: Charlotte Brookes is determined to carry on

Despite recent tragedies, physio Charlotte Brookes is determined to carry on cycling.

Reading about the three physiotherapists – Esther Hartsilver, Stephanie Turner and Vicki McCreery – who died in separate cycling accidents in London was really chilling.  
The Frontline article was close to my heart as I am a physiotherapist who only started cycling as an adult a few months ago. Riding further than a couple of miles was a challenge at first. I wore my cleats for the first time last weekend and that was another hurdle.
Feeling vulnerable on the roads has been one of the hardest things to overcome in my training, as many people don’t allow for cyclists’ safety on the roads. I am becoming more confident and am determined to complete the Tower to Tower (Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower) ride later this month. On some days we will cycle more than 100 miles, which will be a major challenge for me – both mentally and physically.
Having read your article about cyclist safety and the tragic deaths of Esther, Stephanie and Vicki, I feel more needs to be done to support cyclists’ safety on our roads. My cycle challenge is already set and my registered charity, Challenge4Change in Manchester, is decided. I would, however, still like to raise money and awareness in honour of the three ladies who so tragically lost their lives. 
Our profession has lost three valued physios. I hope I and my fellow cyclists complete our challenge and return home safely, having also raised money.
Throughout my journey, and most certainly at the finish line, I will dedicate my miles to the three physios. I am keen to raise awareness about bike and road safety by networking with CSP members and others.
Charlotte Brookes, Agile Physiotherapy

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