CSP Committees Appointments 2021

Use your knowledge to help shape the future of the CSP and the development of the physiotherapy profession

Development Opportunity
Development Opportunity

We value your opinions and experience and are looking for interested and passionate members, who reflect the diversity of the CSP.

All members are encouraged to apply for Committee positions – including associate and student members.

1 What is the purpose of the Committees and what they do?

The purpose of the CSP Council is to provide leadership to the physiotherapy profession and governance of the CSP, and it is accountable to members for all of its actions and decisions. It achieves its role with support from three committees, which provide strategic expertise and advice on a range of professional issues that Council delegates to them.

The three strategic committees are:

  • Finance, Risk and Audit Committee – which advises Council on financial, organisational risk and audit issues;
  • Employment Committee – which advises Council on strategic employment matters affecting employed CSP members at work  
  • Professional Committee – which provides expertise and insight to Council on physiotherapy practice standards, and learning and development issues.

2 What Committees can I apply to

All three strategic committees have vacancies for new members to start a term of office commencing at the 2021 AGM in December.

3 Is being a Committee member for you?

Being a Committee member is a great career and leadership development opportunity, offering the chance to develop skills and gain knowledge outside of your paid job.

You will gain experience in providing strategic support to the CSP Council, including:

  • increase your knowledge of the profession – its scope, diversity and potential experience of collaborative team working at a committee level
  • experience of strategic decision making  – thinking innovatively about the evolving healthcare environment 
  • enhance your communication skills  – acting as a representative for the profession
  • develop your policy, decision-making, governance and leadership skills. 
  • It is a stimulating role that requires dedication and a time commitment.

5 What support is provided by the CSP?

You will receive an induction programme and continued development while in the role. You will have the opportunity to learn and bring back knowledge and experience to your own career. 

6 What is the time commitment?

From as little as six days per year, including:

  • attending up to four meetings per year that include induction and development sessions
  • meeting information and papers are provided in advance to enable members to prepare their input.

7 How do I apply?

You will need to complete an online application, upload your CV and include a 500 word personal statement outlining how you meet the role specification.

  • Online applications will be open from the 12 July to 6 September 2021.
  • Interviews & decision: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview by video call in early October, with successful applicants notified by the end of that month.
  • Seeking advice:  If you’re thinking of applying to be a Committee member but are unsure or want to learn more about what’s involved, please contact governance@csp.org.uk Further information is also available on the CSP website.

8 Diversity on CSP Committees

It is essential that our Committees are made up of a diverse range of members, who can bring invaluable expertise and perspective from all walks of life and sections of the membership.

Diversity includes different backgrounds, life experiences, career paths and diversity of thought.

9 Expenses & loss of earnings

  • The CSP has online resources for committee members to book any standard class travel to meetings without incurring any personal costs.
  • The CSP will also pay for any reasonable out-of-pocket incidental expenses to committee members for costs incurred as part of their role.
  • Members can claim for loss of earnings in line with our loss of earnings policy available on the CSP website.

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