Critical catalysts to help members hone leadership skills

Sue Hayward-Giles outlines two CSP initiatives that will help members to hone their leadership skills and mentoring abilities.

How do I develop as a leader? Where do I get support to be one? Does the CSP offer anything to help my leadership development? Such questions were often thrown at me when exploring leadership issues with members a few years ago. The answers we can now offer are very different to those given back then.  
Our Physiotherapy Works programme tackled the pressing issue of how the leadership capability and capacity of members and the profession could grow. The CSP has taken this further in two more programmes that are accessible to all members.
The first focuses on mentoring, which we know can be a critical catalyst in promoting an individual’s leadership growth. Sharing knowledge and expertise is fundamental to our progress, both for individuals and the profession.
By building a strong mentoring relationship you can develop great insights in areas that are relatively unfamiliar, or even completely new. Mentoring can increase people’s confidence and they will often go on to try things they had thought impossible. 
Would you like to be a mentor? The chance to give back and to share experience and knowledge is deeply rewarding. The mentoring platform provides you with the tools and guidance to support your goals – whether you want to be a mentor, a mentee or even both. Sign up here
Earlier this year, we launched, and began evaluating, the CSP’s leadership development programme (LDP). Although not yet completed, the evaluation is already showing the benefits and positive impact of the programme. The LDP is designed to provide a bespoke physiotherapy leadership development opportunity, which will benefit individuals, their organisations and, ultimately, patients and the wider profession.
The first two cohorts of members are due to present their learning and showcase the impact of the programme in the new year. The LDP will be open to a third and fourth cohort this month. If you are interested in applying, or want to help others to apply, visit the website here
A key strand at Physiotherapy UK 2017 focuses on leadership, with some fantastic speakers. The LEAD (leadership, exploration, advocacy and development) strand will emphasise the value of leadership to the profession and how we can learn from other sectors. 
The central message is that everyone, at every level, can be a leader and have an influence.
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  • Sue Hayward-Giles is a CSP assistant director
Sue Hayward-Giles CSP assistant director

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