Authentic leadership

For Adine Adonis and Manessa Faal, leading their professional networks is about speaking with truth and integrity

Manessa Faal and Adine Adonis lead their professional networks

As women of colour, we understand what it is like for people not to have their voices heard or acknowledged. We understand what it is like to have to work harder and be more adaptable to changing situations.

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT) and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology (ACPIN) are professional networks advocating for those working within the specialist areas of veterinary and neurological physiotherapy. As the current chairs of these networks, we are working hard, bringing our unique perspectives to the roles, and in doing so continue to develop the networks. 

Our day jobs are varied, encompassing clinical work, research, and supporting students and physiotherapists through stewardship, mentoring or coaching. 

For us, authentic leadership is about being able to listen to all opinions, to advocate for those who are not heard, and to facilitate change that is beneficial for all. We bring our lived experiences, dedication, drive and determination to the profession and to these roles in the networks. 

Making a difference is integral to who we are and fits in with our authentic selves. Within our leadership roles in ACPAT and ACPIN, we aim to make a difference to physiotherapy practice in excellence, clinical standards of care, and expert knowledge in the provision of physiotherapy to our specialist areas. This means we prioritise membership engagement and embedding equality, diversity and inclusivity into the work each network does. We are both passionate about advocating for our networks and raising the profile of ACPAT and ACPIN. This means that we are also actively developing links with other networks, charities and industry partners. 

For us, leadership is about action while speaking with truth and integrity. As Henna Inam said: “Authentic leadership is the full expression of me for the benefit of we.” 

We understand that what we do has to have meaning and impact, and in doing this encourage others to step forward into roles that may seem unattainable. 

Adine Adonis is a clinical specialist in neurology and researcher at a London teaching hospital 
Manessa Faal is a specialist veterinary physiotherapist in her own practice and a MSK physiotherapist in Swansea 

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