Advice line: the CSP is changing its ePortfolio provider

The CSP is changing its ePortfolio provider, as Nina Paterson explains.

As you may know, the CSP is changing ePortfolio providers. Our contract with the current provider ends next month and we will be offering a CSP-owned ePortfolio in the new year. It actually goes live towards the end of this month, giving existing users of the PebblePad version time to move their content between the two versions. We encourage new users to wait until the new year to allow us to focus our attention on helping existing users move their content. 
Members will need to move their content from the old system and put it in the new one. As the owner of your content, you will need to decide what to bring across to the new system and take responsibility for ensuring that it happens within the timescales provided. Details of the timescales will be provided and guidance (including videos and help sheets) will be available to support this activity. You will be contacted directly by email but information and reminders will also be publicised on the website, e-bulletin and via the blog.  
As there will be no access to content once the contract ends, please don’t ignore the reminders. 
You don’t need to wait until we contact you by email to spring clean – Gwyn Owen’s blog offers some pointers (follow the link and click on the picture of Gwyn and her duster to find out how). 
Moving is simple – PebblePad creates a zipped file with your resources as PDFs. You can then either save your data to a memory stick or your PC (backing your content up is always a good thing!) and then import it just as simply into the new ePortfolio. When they are ready the videos will show you how to move. And again, CSP staff will be available to help if you get stuck.
  • Nina Paterson is a CSP professional adviser 
Nina Paterson CSP professional adviser

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