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iCSP offers the chance to connect physiotherapists with colleagues and peers throughout the country. Check in today and keep up to speed with the latest discussions, documents and bulletins.

Meet a member

iCSP offers the chance to share your network membership, professional details and avatar with other CSP members. Maintaining your profile can help you to interact with the physio community online.

Professional networks and groups

CSP professional networks are based around clinical specialisms meaning you can connect with the experts in your field. The CSP is also developing a number of dedicated websites for professional networks as their membership grows.

Nations and regions

The Nations and Regions section of this site unites members across all English regional networks and in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Ensure you're kept up to date by setting your own location in your membership profile.

Frontline magazine

The CSP's fortnightly magazine includes letters from members, expert viewpoints and all the latest news. Readers are encouraged to contact the Frontline team to share their views on any aspect of professional life.

CSP Enquiries Team (ET)

The CSP's dedicated Enquiries Team (ET) are available to help with any member enquiry. The Enquiries Team is the first port of call for ordering publications, seeking advice and resolving professional problems. Contact them by email or telephone 020 7306 6666.