What does the UK Covid-19 Inquiry involve?

The independent Covid-19 inquiry examines the UK’s pandemic response and preparedness, and to learn lessons for future resilience

The inquiry is taking written and oral evidence across several modules:

  • Module 1 will focus on pandemic preparedness. This will in-part consider the impact of government austerity measures on public services' ability to protect staff, patients, and the public.
  • Module 2 will focus on government decision-making during the pandemic. This will include how each UK nation worked with employers and other stakeholders to arrange for personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilation, and social distancing measures. This module will also examine how governments considered or failed to consider structural discrimination within society.
  • Module 3 will consider how the healthcare system coped during the pandemic. This includes how healthcare workers were supported (or not), and how governments in each nation engaged with healthcare settings.
  • Module 4 will cover vaccines and theraputics
  • Module 5 will cover government procurement
  • Module 6 will cover the care sector

Further modules are expected at a later date. The CSP will be contributing to all areas, both independently and through our affiliation with the Trades Union Congress.


The CSP will also contribute to the Scotland's parallel Covid Inquiry.  The two enquiries have reached a Memorandum of Understanding, to minimise the demands on individuals and organisations required or wanting to contribute to both inquiries.

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has produced a short explainer video detailing the differences between the Scottish and UK COVID-19 Inquiries.

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