Personalised Care - response to service specification consultation

Year published: 2020

As part of the next phase of rolling out the long term plan, NHS England consulted on 5 service specifications.  Each sets out important changes to the delivery of primary and community services from April 2020, with implications for physiotherapy.  Read the highlights and download full response.

The CSP has highlighted:

  • Physiotherapists in First Contact Practitioner roles are a key group of staff offering personalised care as part of the consultation approach with patients with MSK conditions, and is consistent with the MSK Core Capability Framework.
  • The importance of FCPs being able to use a Shared Decision Making approach and social prescribing, and the need for these to be incorporated into training for FCP roles
  • The need to role out FCP roles, and develop the workforce to enable this to happen, in order to deliver Personalised Health, as well as freeing up GP time.
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