Love activity, Hate exercise? inspiring videos

Physios and their patients share their physical activity success stories. Find out more about how you can inspire your patients to get more active.

Piers Baker from Leonard Cheshire Gloucestershire House

Even simple changes make a difference. Find out how Piers encouraged the residents to go the extra mile.

Elizabeth Gradwell, Sailability

Can anyone go sailing? Absolutely! Here Elizabeth outlines the benefits of getting out on the water and how sailing can be accessible to everyone.


Caroline Appel, clinical lead physio at Camden Neurology and Stroke service

Working in conjunction with a local gym chain has enabled Caroline's patients to continue their rehab once discharged.

Fraser Simpson from Simpson Physiotherapy and The Thalidomide Trust

In this film, David Leckie explains how working with his physio Fraser helped him stay active in later life and mitigate the challenges thrown up by living with the affects of thalidomide.

A film by eHealth Digital Media Ltd made for The Thalidomide Trust.


Emma Brockwell from Halos clinic

Physio Emma talks about making activity more accessible and less intimidating to women.


Ben Seymour from the Princess Alexandra NHS trust

Ben talks about getting his patient Paul motivated to exercise after major surgery.


Leanne Antoine from Distinct Physio

Leanne talks about supporting her patient post-injury to get active again.