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What are the different roles, skills and expertise we have across our staff teams at the CSP?

Staff spotlight: Jon, head of press and PR


What does your role involve?

I'm responsible for promoting physiotherapy and the CSP to the outside world.

What do you like best about your job? 

I enjoy learning from members and working with them to develop messaging and resources that make a difference to patients’ quality of life.

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Our staff support members in their clinical and professional development and protect their interests in the workplace, when needed. Our services include:

We promote physiotherapy and exert our influence on behalf of the profession, encouraging members to get involved wherever possible.

We also work alongside members to keep physiotherapy at the forefront of health and well-being.   

Staff spotlight: James, senior negotiating officer (based in the south west)


What does your role involve?

I support and advise the CSP network of stewards and safety representatives within my region to enable them to represent members on a wide range of employment and workplace issues. I also provide representation directly for members on more complex matters and give advice in the initial stages to those who have been reported to the HCPC.

What do you like best about your job?

I particularly enjoy supporting and training the stewards and safety reps. These reps are an amazing group of volunteers who do a huge amount of work for CSP members. Training days are hard work but really enjoyable. I also enjoy meeting members on a regular basis.

Our skill mix

It’s a common misconception that everyone at CSP is a physiotherapist. We have 147 (as of July 2020) staff, covering a broad range of roles.

We offer member support by way of professional guidance and advice on workplace rights, and have several other departments too. One of them is our dedicated enquiries team, who are there to answer any questions from members, stakeholders or the public.

Staff spotlight: Allison, Enquiries Officer


What does your role involve?

I work as part of a team who respond to a wide range of queries. We work collaboratively across the CSP and have a good knowledge of the many work streams within the organisation. No day is ever the same! 

What do you like best about your job?

I enjoy talking to and helping our members. I’m passionate about the difference physiotherapy can make to people’s lives and feel honoured I can be a small part of that!

We also have teams covering other areas, from policy and research to marketing and design, as well as staff who support the organisation's governance and day to day functions such as finance, facilities and membership administration. 

Physiotherapists at the CSP

While we aren't all physiotherapists, out of our 147 staff, 26 of us are. Physiotherapists at the CSP are employed in the following roles:

  • Three members of the leadership team
  • Five assistant directors
  • Four team leaders
  • 12 professional advisers
  • Two trade union negotiators

Staff spotlight: Abi, professional adviser


What does your role involve?

A brilliant range of activities that aim to empower, support and develop members to enhance service provision. I help influence CSP policy development and conversely support the implementation of it. I engage with members regionally and through the Professional Advice Service and my work on national projects.

What do you like best about your job?

I really like the challenge and variety of my role, and the contact I have with members. I have absolute pride in my profession and feel very privileged to be in a position of influence in the development of physiotherapy.

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Staff by directorate

Across our five directorates we have:

  • 15 members of staff working in the Chief Executive’s Office
  • 23 staff members in Corporate Services and Infrastructure
  • 32 people working in our Employment Relations and Union Services department
  • 37 Practice and Development staff
  • 54 staff in our largest directorate - Strategy, Policy, and Engagement

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