University and College Union strike

The University and College Union (UCU) has commenced 8 days of strike action through to 4 December 2019 over pensions, pay and conditions.


We encourage CSP members to show solidarity with UCU members by talking to UCU members on picketlines in your own time, where feasible, and supporting any demonstrations they may organise, at lunchtime, for example.

Legally, only employees who have been involved in a legal ballot are allowed to take industrial action.

CSP members may face the matter of crossing an official picket line. Refusal to do so could render CSP members liable to disciplinary action including deduction of salary as there is a contractual requirement to attend work.

Some CSP members may be directly involved, where the member has a joint membership with UCU* and your employer is part of the dispute. Those members should contact their local UCU representative for further information.