Physiotherapy tenders questions and answers

Following our webinar on Thursday 9 May, we have produced a full list of the questions and answers. Please note, some of this may have been edited for clarity.

What if I have a conflict of interest?

  • Please declare any conflicts of interest in your tender. We will assess them on an individual basis.

    Please also inform the other conflicting party and follow any processes set out in their terms and conditions.

What is the whole time equivalent (WTE) required for the project during the 10 months?

  • This decision can be made by the procured research team independently of the CSP.

Should I outline my confidentiality requirements?

  • It would be beneficial to clearly outline the confidentiality expectations and consequences of breaching confidentiality within the main body of the document. This point is one that will form part of the post-recruitment contract between the CSP and the procured project team.

    It is envisaged that findings from the research will not generally be shared prior to discussion with the CSP project team but that where sharing of information is beneficial to the progress and outcomes of project, this will be enabled.

Can you confirm the IP ownership for this tender i.e. specify who will own the IP rights to the deliverables produced as part of the project?

  • This point is one that will form part of the post-recruitment contract between the CSP and the procured project team. It is envisaged that the IP of the research remain with the research team, but that CSP is acknowledged and also given the opportunity to co-author and co-produce.

    CSP would also seek to have right to utilise the findings and reports as needed without continually seeking permissions from the research team.

How should bidders demonstrate their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (or equality diversity and belonging) in their proposals?

Please include detail of plans to:

  • Enable diversity & representation within stakeholder groups
  • Demonstrate consideration for accessibility within the design and processes of the research
  • Also consider use of equality impact analysis as part of proposals.
  • Ensure EDI is considered throughout planning and decision making

There is mention of potential flexibility in project timelines with agreement, however, it would be helpful to provide more clarity on the process for requesting and obtaining timeline adjustments, including potential consequences or limitations of timeline adjustments.

  • The 7-month project is a defined period with no flexibility for extension. However, there is flexibility in how the work can be designed and delivered within that period.

Is 2,000 words the word limit (will further words would be excluded from review)?

  • We request a 2,000 word limit to ensure applications can be equitably shortlisted.

    Appendices can be used where appropriate.

Will the interview be in person or remote?

  • The interview will be remote and take place online.

Can the research team include members who are not physiotherapists or members of the CSP?

  • Yes.

Will the procured project team be able to access data collected by the CSP to support the project?

  • We can explore this possibility with the CSP data unit and may be able to come to an arrangement for this project.

Will the procured project team be able to access CSP contacts who may be able to support the project e.g. Professional Networks?

  • We want to act as a bridge between the research team and our stakeholders so will work with you to link together and also utilise our channels of communication to reach stakeholders in support of the project.

Do the CSP work with a specific data management provider?

  • We do not have a specific data management provider to recommend but we would like the project team to ensure processes are in place to address data protection.

For the preceptorship project, how about service level influences?

  • This is not an expectation as there are sufficient stakeholders for the timeframe of work. But it could be an additional analysis of the findings.

How will a partner find out more about the four nations?

  • Advisors within the CSP are linked to each nation and will be on hand to share knowledge of this e.g different terminology/language that might be used for different stakeholder events.

Can you expand on what the objective around comms plan and future comms means?

  • To disseminate findings with CSP in a shared event/resource. But to identify what other outputs the project team may feel is relevant. The advice would be taken up by the CSP.

Can I apply for more than one project?

  • Yes you can. We will still need separate applications to allow use to compare, but please note in the relevant sections how you might bring aspects of each project together.

    Please do not write 'see other application' as there will be different teams reviewing applications. Please make it clear on each how the projects might work together, e.g if combining stakeholder events to cover multiple themes - please state this on both applications and give details.

    This might be able to be copied and pasted.

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