Survival guide in obtaining your first physiotherapy post

Finding your first physiotherapy post can be stressful. This guide for final year students and recent graduates aims to help you with the challenge.



Your job hunt begins in earnest when you have your examination results, but in the meantime, as well as reading this guidance, talk to your lecturer or tutor. They may have sound advice and suggestions to help you in your search.

Band 5 physiotherapy job prospects are good, but obtaining your first post can be a stressful as well as exciting. 

This guide covers where to look for jobs, existing CSP networks, private practice and the NHS, as well as information on Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration.

In order to practise in any capacity you need to be registered with the HCPC. If you have graduated but haven't received your HCPC registration you can only work under supervision.

Registration must be renewed every two years. Your university should keep a stock of registration forms, or you can contact the HCPC directly.

The band 5 job situation has improved over the last few years. However if you don’t secure the first job you apply for, persist and keep in touch with employers you have contacted.

It may not be wise to contact people every week, but a brief email describing what you’ve been doing to maintain or develop your skills may be useful.