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Nikki Penny Stroke and Neurological Physiotherapy Clinic

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Established in Sussex in 1998 by Neurological Physiotherapist Nikki Penny, The Clinic, now with dedicated gyms in Brighton & Hove and Hurstpierpoint, provides specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation for individuals with Neurological conditions including Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease [MND], Head Injuries, Parkinson’s, Spinal injuries and many other conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord.

Our Clinics, based in Hove and Hurst, deliver physical programs that are progressive and designed to maximise a patients’ mobility and fitness. The goals and results set at the Clinic derive from shared partnerships between patient and practitioner. Patient goals are quickly and clearly identified whilst a suitable pathway, clinically reasoned, is designed to achieve desired outcomes.

The aim of the one to one sessions are to identify a persons strength and weaknesses in their movement. To then deliver a physical programme that is progressive and designed to maximise a persons mobility and fitness level. This is person and functionally specific. It may include activities such as walking, climbing the stairs, shopping, gardening, or simply being able to roll over and change position in bed. It may also be about returning to work, or to a previous hobby or sport.

Our neurophysiotherapists are specialists within the field of movement and neurology. They have an expert knowledge base to be able to understand movement dysfunctions, and the influence of these on function. They have a specialist set of skills in understanding the potential for change, otherwise known as neuroplasticty, and have honed an excellent skillset of facilitation whether it be hands on, or strength and conditioning, that will influence positive plastic adaptations. After an initial assessment, our neurophysiotherapists will formulate a targetted, structured rehabilitation programme tailored to your specific needs. They can also identify with you if any other programmes at the clinic such as the Litegait, neurofit classes, nurokor muscle stimulation could help benefit your treatment programme.

We have different appointment lengths, 45 or 60 minutes, which require focus from both the therapist and patient.

Nikki has also founded Neuro Fit; the strength and conditioning exercise programme designed for people with a neurological condition.  The programme aims to challenge and improve flexibility, strength, power and cardiovascular ability.  Be fit and strong with a neurological condition. 

The programme is successfully delivered across three platforms, on demand, online virtual and in person classes.  Nikki and the Neuro Fit team , then went on to create a course for therapists, a recognised programme that covers functional training, exercise prescription and play.

If you would like any further information on our neuro fit  training please check out or @weareneurofit on instagram

Nikki Penny