BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (full-time)

Key features

What you study:

  • Level 4 - This year lays down the foundation skills of clinical reasoning and problem-solving focusing on the anatomy, physiology, pathology and management of upper and lower limb conditions. You will also begin to develop the skills of enquiry needed for you to base your future practice on best evidence. A 3 week introductory placement consolidates this learning.
  • Level 5 - Explores the Neurological, Cardio-respiratory and Spinal Musculo-skeletal systems. Research methods are used to investigate Health Promotion activities and behaviour change. The year also incorporates two six-week placements.
  • Level 6 – During the final year, there are greater opportunities for you to direct own your learning and develop independence in managing your professional development. By examining complex rehabilitation needs and involvement in research based projects and assignments you are able to develop critical analysis and problem solving skills required for Physiotherapy practice. A further three placements are undertaken this year.
  • Through the programme you will develop key employability skills e.g. skills of enquiry, critical thinking, problem solving and reflection. You will leave the programme with an extensive portfolio to demonstrate these skills. You will be well prepared for the application process to successfully gain employment in a variety of roles in Physiotherapy and other health and well-being related fields and/or further study.

How you learn:

We use a variety of teaching and learning approaches to ensure learning is stimulating and enjoyable; sessions are designed to develop your skills, with an emphasis on practical learning. Two modules at level 4 and one at level 6 are designed to provide opportunities for learning with different professional groups.

Reflecting on your own performance as a learning tool is an essential part of learning at the University and on your clinical placements. You will benefit from extensive online resources including a large bank of video footage to help with revision as well as quizzes to assist with identifying your level of knowledge and understanding. You will have your own personal tutor to help with both academic and personal issues. Clinical experience is gained through a wide variety of health care settings.

Specific teaching methods include:

  • Lectures
  • Small group tutorials
  • Practical classes
  • Online quizzes
  • Debates
  • Student led presentations
  • Clinical visits
  • Video recordings of all major practical elements within the programme available 24/7
  • Reflecting on your own practice and developing a CPD portfolio
  • Clinical placements

How you are assessed:

The programme comprises a wide variety of assessment types both to suit a  range of learning styles as well as reflecting the skills required as a practicing physiotherapist. These include:

  • Online multiple choice exams
  • Practical viva and discussion type exams
  • Written assignments
  • Presentations (individual/group)
  • Conference poster development
  • Placements