MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration)

Key features

What you study:

This intensive 2 year programme has been designed to provide you with the dynamic and practical skills required to be a physiotherapist working in today’s rapidly changing healthcare system. The programme begins by exploring the fundamental principles of physiotherapeutic assessment and health improvement with an emphasis upon patient empowerment and individualised care.  These modules run over the first 12 weeks of the course and prepare you  to go upon your first clinical placement treating members of the public.   Following the placement we focus upon broadening your repertoire, appropriate treatment approaches and your competence in applying clinically reasoned treatments to maximise patient’s rehabilitation potential.  This semester explores neurology, and the acute management of cardio-respiratory patients, and through the use of our simulation manikin, challenges  you to clinically reason in a simulated acute environment.  Throughout the course, you are encouraged to develop your problem solving and clinical reasoning skills, underpinned by evidence- based practice.  The first year finishes with a further clinical placement.

The second year of the course explores more complex patient’s presentations, again challenging your clinical reasoning when dealing with multi-pathology as well as patients with life- changing and long term conditions.  During this year you will have three clinical placements in a variety of clinical areas to ensure a rounded clinical profile upon graduation which will maximise employability..   In this year you will complete your research project and engage in modules which explore the impact that healthcare policy has on practice, as well incorporating entrepreneurial, business and leadership skills.

How you learn:

The team adopt a hybrid approach to learning, incorporating both problem and enquiry- based teaching supported by interactive workshops and tutorials.  Owing to the skills required by physiotherapists and the diversity of patients we see, we commonly adopt a problem- based learning approach whereby you learn about a subject in the context of complex, multifaceted, and realistic problems.   Working in groups, you will identify what you already know, what you need to know, and how and where to access new information that may lead to resolution of the problem. Teaching staff then explore these issues further and relate them to real-ife scenarios.  Where appropriate these sessions are followed up by  skill- based practical sessions to develop and consolidate an appropriate skill- base.

The teaching ethos is to empower you to think holistically around a topic area and to instil problem- solving skills to reason and justify physiotherapeutic management which is evident from the outset of the course.  This allows you to be patient -led in your management rather than solely symptom-based. 

Teaching is delivered through practical based classes, tutorials, seminars, and workshops.  We also have a group of dedicated volunteer patients which offer a unique opportunity for you to practice your skills prior to going out on placement.  There are 6 clinical placements spread throughout the 2 years which allow you  to apply and consolidate their skills.

How you are assessed:

We use a variety of methods for assessment so there should be something to suit everyone. Practical examinations allow us to assess your ability to perform assessment and treatment skills..  In additional there are also written assessments, oral presentations and poster presentations. There are also formative assessments in each year of study which allow you to get feedback on your performance within a module and can help guide your approach to study.  We also encourage peer review within certain modules so that you not only gain feedback from the lecturers but also from your peers.  Following assessments you are given either written or audio feedback which highlights areas which were done well, but also areas which need to be developed so that you can take this feedback forward to aid performance in future assessments.  This is supported through our personal tutoring system aimed at maximising your potential during the course. Clinical placements are also assessed at all levels and students are assessed by both a clinical educator and by a lecturer from the university who comes and visits you during your placement.