St George's, University of London

St George's is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and its particularly active and supportive Students' Union. We also pride ourselves on the positive relationship between health professions, students and staff from different ethnic, cultural and faith groups.

About us

St George’s, University of London is justifiably proud of its distinctiveness as a health sciences institution. It has its own identity through being co-located in South West London with St George’s Hospital, enabling students to walk from clinical teaching room to laboratory to hospital ward or clinic. St George’s is also proud of being self-reliant and values its partners across the university and health sectors. This pride is reflected in the ongoing commitment and loyalty of students past and present.

About the faculty

The Physiotherapy course is delivered by the School of Rehabilitation Sciences which is part of a two way partnership between St George’s University of London and Kingston University, known as the Faculty of Health & Social Care Sciences The focus of the Faculty & the School of Rehabilitation Sciences is on high quality, evidence based rehabilitation. Our aim is to equip and support all those involved in providing rehabilitation in order to optimise recovery from injury, ill health or living with long-term conditions.