The CSP ‘Hipsprint’ audit project

The CSP needs members to help improve hip fracture rehabilitation for patients by implementing the findings of the 2017 Hip Sprint audit.



The CSP collaborated with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) on a sprint audit of hip fracture rehabilitation services in England and Wales.

The Physiotherapy Hip Fracture Sprint Audit (PHFSA) ran from May 1 2017 to October 31 October 2017 and captured a high volume of data on services, pathways, frequency and type of rehabilitation for hip fracture patients over 60.

This data was then linked to the National Hip Fracture Data Base (NHFD) to understand the whole patient pathway.

How did your service perform?

The findings showed a wide variation in physiotherapy care. We found some really good examples of hip fracture rehabilitation but there is room for improvement. For example:

  • 2.7 per cent of patients are not seen by a physiotherapist on the day after their operation
  • Nearly a third of hip fracture patients don’t get out of bed on the day after surgery
  • 1 in 10 patients are not followed up after acute care at all
  • Only 1 in 5 services can maintain the continuity of hip fracture care between acute and community settings
  • 80 per cent of services have a break in care of more than a week within the whole pathway

How did your service perform in the audit?

Improving hip fracture rehabilitation

We now need members to work with us to improve hip fracture rehabilitation for all people experiencing hip fracture. The CSP is launching Hip Sprint 2, our project to help members improve care and services to people with hip fracture.

Over the next year we plan to:

  • Work with the RCP to provide clear information to patients, carers and relatives about what they ought to expect their rehabilitation to look like.
  • Set standards of care that ought to be provided to patients with hip fracture throughout the patient pathway.
  • Help you understand your local hip fracture data, so you can work out where improvements need to be made
  • Create collaborative networks of hip fracture physiotherapists to ensure good practice is shared

Our project will be led by a steering group of CSP staff and CSP members involved in hip fracture rehabilitation

How to get involved

  • Join the Hip Sprint iCSP network.
  • Contact the Hip Sprint 2 project team
  • Network with other physiotherapists involved in the hip fracture rehabilitation pathway you are in.
  • Make sure you work with your local NHFD coordinator to make sure accurate rehabilitation data is captured from your Trust in the NHFD database.
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