App library

Apps can be a really useful addition to treatment, by encouraging patients to self-manage. However, it can be hard to find ones that meet your patients' specific needs, let alone be sure of their quality and safety.

We are working with ORCHA to give CSP members free access to a physio-specific library of apps, each one objectively reviewed and rated, to help you pick what's best for your patients.

ORCHA have assessed and categorised several thousand health-related apps, giving you simple access to them by condition, intended use, and patient type.

Each app has a full report on its levels of clinical assurance, data privacy and user experience, so that you can be confident in making your recommendations. 

With an optional pro account, you can manage your preferred or most frequent recommendations. You can also send a link to a recommended app straight to your patient's phone and track whether they download it. 

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