Senior MSK Physiotherapist

Salary Competitive
Town/City Northamptonshire NN17 2UR
Payment type Per annum
Region East Midlands
Contract type Contract unspecified
Closing date
Job reference TRuk Physio
Type of employer Private provider
Name of employer Team Rehab uk Ltd
Workplace Northamptonshire

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Are you Happy and Fulfilled in your Workplace?

Team Rehab uk Ltd, one of the regions most exciting new private rehabilitation providers, are recruiting for a senior physiotherapist at their Northampton clinics (Moulton - NN3 7QL  &  Corby - NN17 2UR).

If you are currently feeling bored, under valued or even just in need of a change, we would encourage you to read on. We have a growing reputation for not only providing a premium rehabilitation service to our clients, but also an exceptional setting in which our team members, new and old, can develop and flourish in a supportive and ‘open door’ environment.


Job Security and Personal Development

There has always been a natural security that comes with working in the NHS but along with diminishing funding for professional development, downgraded pension schemes, a tendency to move away from hands on therapy and general demotivation from severe funding cutbacks, there is a breaking point for everyone. Maybe you are currently self employed but want to move back to the security of employed status but in a private setting?

If you are a dynamic, ambitious and motivated physiotherapist then you will be the most affected by these changes and it is YOU that we are looking for.

Here are 10 reasons why Team Rehab uk is a good company to work for:

1)   A full SWOT analysis of your current professional and personal situation with a mutually agreed, multi-year, career progression plan, structured entirely around you. You will be encouraged to fill in any necessary gaps in your knowledge in the first 12 months and will be given extra time and support to do this, on top of our normal opportunities.

2)   We have objectified grades of employment to reflect remuneration and opportunities as well as clear goals and personal achievements that need to be reached to be considered for progression and promotion. We make every effort to at least match your existing NHS equivalent PAYE.

3)   Employment: All of our staff are employed so that if the diary is empty, you still get paid. Equally, if we have another therapist who your feel would be able to treat a patient more effectively, you can inter refer without fear of financial compromise to yourself.

4)   Weekly in house CPD, peer review or access to external MDT sessions. Dedicated help for the formulation of new and original rehabilitation services will be in addition to this.

5)   External Learning: An annual budget of at least £500 for relevant CPD days but this may be increased for service specific educational needs.

6)   MSc: We have a keen interest in post grad education and for the right candidates there will be opportunities of financial assistance for training and continued support from our therapists that have already undergone this process.

7)   Pension: We are just increasing our pension contribution to 4%, more than we are legally obliged to do as we think our team members should be rewarded for their dedication and hard work. You also have the option to opt out of this.

8)   We offer 25 days annual leave, excluding bank holidays, per year, as well as an extra day off for your birthday, if it falls on your normal work day. No one should work on their birthday!

9)   Flexible working hours for those special life occasions such as the children’s sports days or Christmas performances. Patients are important but family is more so.

10)The dedication of Team Rehab uk Ltd, whatever your grade or profession, to ensure that you feel valued, supported and essential to the successful running and expansion of our company.


About Team Rehab uk Ltd

Team Rehab uk is a young company, at 3.5 years old, but we have been working tirelessly with our dedicated and experienced team that have been with us since the start This has ensured that we now have a solid and long term clinical and company foundation on which to flourish and provide unique and secure employment opportunities for other rehabilitation professionals.

We run clinics from both of our sites in Northamptonshire – Corby – Moulton, and candidates will need to be able to offer some flexibility with evening or weekend work. Hours will be set but mutually agreed by both employee and employer first. You may be able to choose a particular clinic or to work from both sites, which would offer the best global experience.

We are an ambitious company which rewards innovation, hard work and team work, three key traits that will help us to continue our expansion and build upon our initial success. We do not have any special business ‘awards’, like some of our competitors, but we have chosen to develop our services at this important time instead.

We are keen to instigate team building activities (Karting, climbing etc) so all new candidates will be free to offer ideas on this. Office cakes and goodies are always welcome, except for those of us who have already indulged to much and are trying to get back in to the summer attire.

We have amazing patient feedback (all 5 star) which can easily by viewed on google reviews and a recent 2-year, non-discriminatory survey, across all patients demonstrated a 98% satisfaction rating. The type of professionals who can generate this feedback are the one’s that your want by your side to offer support, learning opportunities and to be a work buddy.

We are still developing our social media status but in the second part of 2019 this should be taking off so candidates keen in exploiting this are most welcome!


Our Patient Demographics

The type of patients we see in our private practice has dramatically changed over the last few years and although we are registered will all major insurance companies, in the last 2 years, 69% of the patients that we have seen and treated have been self-paying clients. On the whole our patients are highly motivated individuals who have sought help from the best professionals, in the area, to expedite their recovery.

In the same 2-year period we have a clinic wide average, treatment per individual episode of care, of just 4 sessions. Considering this includes everyone from complex spinal rehabilitation to the wounded weekend warrior it demonstrates our dedication to the quality and not quantity of care that our clients receive. Self-management is a key component of all of our care. Do you think you can do this as well?


What are we Seeking from You?

All we require from you is the desire to work for a growing rehabilitation company that continually drives profits back in to the business in order to help look after its staff and provide the best and newest treatment opportunities to staff and clients alike.

Our team currently consists of physiotherapists, masseurs, sports therapists and we are soon to be joined by a podiatrist. We have close working relationships with many Consultants and GP’s in the area with extended learning opportunities.


Make the Right Choice

Sure, you could stay where you are and just stick out the next 20-30 years of your career being safe, or, you could apply to join us and see your original love for hands on rehabilitation and patient satisfaction return, improving your work day a thousand fold. Make sure you both enjoy, and look forward, to going to work.

How to apply

Please contact Chris Heywood on either (feel free to leave a message if we do not answer):

Tel: 07576 473422

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