Head of Physiotherapy and Sports Performance

£30,000 - £40,000
Town/City 50480
Payment type Per annum
Region Overseas
Contract type Contract unspecified
Closing date
Hours Full-time
Type of employer Private provider
Name of employer TRAINE

Other benefits

Annual Return Flight from UK to Kuala Lumpur

Attractive bonus scheme towards potential equity

Vacancy details

Voted the best physiotherapy clinic center in Malaysia TRAINE is leading the industry in Sports Medicine.  TRAINE is the first and only human performance institute in Malaysia with wide-ranging expertise across areas such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and performance training.

TRAINE are looking to recruit a 'Head of Physiotherapy and Sports Performance ' based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, whom is a qualified Physiotherapist with elite levels of experience in Sports Teams/Performance Physiotherapy, and whom has the ability to lead as the Manager of the Physiotherapy and Sports Performance centre and its core business areas mainly with the following roles and responsibilities:

1) Handling client consultation.

2) Performing sports rehabilitation.

3) Knowledge and experience in manual therapy.

4) Handling of treatments for acute/sub-acute/chronic cases using shockwave/ultrasound and other physio devices.

5) Plan, prescribe and monitor sports rehabilitation programs.

6) Provide functional performance training for professional athletes in various sports as well serious sports enthusiasts of all ages.

7) Providing training and development of junior staff.

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How to apply

Please email with a covering letter and your CV to monaghanowen@icloud.com to showcase your interest.

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