Weekly coronavirus podcast

Weekly podcasts, aimed at keeping CSP members up to date with COVID-19 support and guidance.

Produced by Physio Matters, it will feature different CSP staff discussing a range of issues related to the pandemic, and providing information for members about available guidance, advice, and resources.

Episode 1

Jack Chew speaks to Karen Middleton, Gill Rawlinson, Ruth Ten Hove and Claire Sullivan about Covid-19 FAQs, PPE, workforce planning, redeployment and more!

Episode 2

In this episode Jack Chew speaks to Jim Fahie all about things PPE!

Episode 3

Jack speaks to CSP's Euan McComiskie, Fran Hallam and Rob Ledger about digital topics and resources.

Episode 4

Jack speaks to CSP's Karen Middleton, Sara Hazzard and Ruth Ten Hove about rehabilitation and the impact of Covid-19.

Episode 5

Jack talks to Rob Yeldham, Claire Fordham and Gill Rawlinson about redeployment, students and support workers.

Episode 6

Jack speaks to Tamsin Baird, Nina Patterson, Helen Frank and Terri Grant about student placements, then Alex Mackenzie who thanks the profession and looks to the future.

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