Private practice matters - recording of webinar

A recording of the session from the 3 June, one a series of webinars to support members in private practice during the pandemic.

For those who couldn't participate in one of the sessions we hope that you find this session useful.  The answers to most of the questions should be covered either in the session or in our coronavirus web pages.  If not, please contact our Enquiries team at or 020 7306 6666.

Please note animportant correction on disposal of PPE from what is said on the webinar, as follows:

  • Where you work in small clinic, which includes where you use one room of your own home as a dedicated clinical space, you must check with your local council if your particular circumstances mean that you may dispose of your PPE clinical waste through the municipal domestic household rubbish system. This means your waste would be double bagged in a black bag and left for 72 hours before placing in the ordinary bins.
  • Where you operate as part of a larger clinic system from commercial and/or healthcare premises your clinical waste must be disposed of using the yellow-bag system and you may need to set up a contract for waste disposal with an appropriate contractor.
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