Self-management skills and platforms

If you're a clinician then have a look at this great range of platforms that will support you in helping your patients to self-manage



Bridges self-management social enterprise

Bridges self-managementhave developed new resources to help structure rehabilitation interactions with patients and families (whether phone or via video conferencing) to be effective and impactful.

Self-management and coaching principles start with the premise that patients already have many skills and resources and enable partnership working from the outset.  By supporting patients to gain confidence and freedom to experiment they can discover new ways to problem-solve, make progress and manage their condition during self-isolation.

These new resources have been co-designed with community rehabilitation teams and patients who are self-isolating with rehabilitation needs. They will help structure each remote or brief interaction by encouraging patients to share ideas, and ways of coping whilst acknowledging fears and challenges.

Resources include

  • Conversation guidance – 6 tips about how to structure voice or video calls

  • 10 top tips for good self-management support

  • LEARN – key aspects of good self-management support

  • Learning module about the principles of self-management support

  • New resources will be added – sign up for e-bulletins on the Bridges website.


Moving Medicine, Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK (in partnership with PHE and Sport England)

This is a key resource to support clinicians to have conversations about physical activity with their patients.  Condition specific advice is available.

Giraffe Healthcare

The platform allows physiotherapists to set up personalised programmes for patients, remotely review and revise the programmes and communicate to the patient through the platform.

With a range of stretching, strengthening, aerobic and functional exercises, the platform is appropriate for those with long-term conditions including neurological, rheumatology, orthopaedic, falls prevention, palliative care, MSK and some antenatal.

Giraffe Healthcare is offering the platform free to any UK based NHS organisation, third sector, charity, hospice etc. for at least the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak and offering a 30% reduction to physiotherapy private practice

For more information please contact lorna@giraffehealth.comor 07751034343

*Giraffe Healthcare is a spin out social enterprise from Glasgow Caledonian University, which provides an evidence based, platform for the remote delivery of physiotherapy.

iPrescribe Exercise App

iPrescribe Exercise is an evidence-based programme which uses an automated algorithm to analyse user health, resting heart rate and current fitness level, and it prescribes graduated and personalised physical activity programmes which are appropriate for 20 long term medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, Parkinson’s, MS, osteoarthritis, chronic pain etc). The platform allows clinicians to remotely monitor their patients

iPrescribe Exercise are providing their platform free of charge to any clinician/rehab programmes such as cardiac rehab/diabetes management/cancer rehab etc. during Coronavirus outbreak

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