Revised SEND guidance

Guidance affecting SEND provision across the UK


During the Coronavirus pandemic, temporary legislative changes and/or guidance was introduced within the UK countries to allow some flexibility in the process and delivery of education, health and care plans/SEN statements/additional support plans. Broadly speaking, this allowed health and education providers to use a ‘best endeavours’ duty to comply as far as possible with the original duty of SEN provision to individual children.

These legislative modifications have now ended.  Guidance has been issued to support schools as they have re-opened across the UK.  Physiotherapy services must now meet the legal requirements for provision within the pre-pandemic frameworks.

Below are links to country-specific educational guidance. They should be considered in conjunction with the Public Health England (PHE) guidance on Infection Prevention and Control. The personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations apply to all healthcare professionals, working in all contexts (including education settings) across the UK. The CSP acknowledges there may be apparent discrepancies surrounding the PPE required by healthcare professionals and education staff. The CSP has raised this with PHE but is advising members to follow the current PHE PPE guidance.

As local lockdown restrictions are in place and further, more extensive lockdowns are possible, it is important you are aware of the effect this may have on the requirements of your service under SEN law.  If further national guidance is not issued in relation to this area, the CSP encourages you to engage with your local Education teams to determine the appropriate action.




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