NHS Constitution - CSP responds to review

The CSP has responded to the government’s NHS Constitution: Ten Year Review consultation demanding greater protections of both physiotherapy space and the physiotherapy workforce against sexual harassment and discrimination.


The Department for Health and Social Care is reviewing the NHS Constitution for the first time in ten years focusing on areas such as health disparities, person-led care, health and work, and leadership.

The CSP propose a number of changes including protection of physiotherapy space including gyms, consultation rooms and hydrotherapy pools. As well as highlighting the vital need for access to rehabilitation and self-management support for people with chronic long-term conditions.

The CSP also recommended that the constitution places greater emphasis on staff wellbeing including a right to staff welfare facilities, improved access to flexible working and prevention of race discrimination and sexual harassment. This included a recommendation that employers work with union reps to review existing policies and communications and better inductions and ongoing support for internationally recruited physiotherapists.

In spite of NHS England’s focus on workforce wellbeing in recent years NHS physiotherapy workers report no better an experience in the workplace now compared to before the pandemic. Many staff have seen no improvements in flexible working – despite new rights being added to the NHS Contract in 2021. The recent NHS Staff survey found that nearly a fifth of physiotherapy workforce responding reported sexual harassment.

With the recent Too hot to handle report highlighting that race discrimination remains prevalent in the NHS, whilst staff with intersecting protected characteristics face higher levels of discrimination or harassment.

CSP assistant director Sara Hazzard said: 'As the NHS seeks to reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy and health disparities, we know that timely provision of services that support rehabilitation and prevention of ill health is key.

'This is only possible with expansion of rehabilitation leadership at board level, improved rehabilitation service data and analysis, and a physiotherapy workforce who feel safe and supported in the workplace.'

NHS Constitution ten year review CSP consultation response


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