Workplace justice should be free for all – so take action to stop tribunal fees, says CSP

CSP is urging its members to take action to oppose government plans to reintroduce employment tribunal fees, by responding to a consultation on the plans.

Support in the workplace

The government is planning to re-introduce employment tribunal fees in England, Wales and Scotland.

Workers – and their union representatives – normally challenge injustices at work through internal procedures and negotiations, or through conciliation. 

But employment tribunals offer workers a last resort to enforce employment rights - and tribunal decisions can also be appealed at an employment appeal tribunal.

Now, the government wants to turn both of these avenues into toll-roads.

The CSP and other trade unions are opposing the government's proposals because the reintroduction of tribunal fees will make it even harder for working people to seek justice if they face discrimination, unfair dismissal or withheld wages.

And the government’s own consultation document anticipates that there will be a potential 20 per cent drop in claims as a result of fees being re-introduced.

Take action today

We need the government to hear from workers in their own words about the importance of keeping employment tribunals free for all.

So please use the Trades Union Congress’ online tool: Don't reintroduce tribunal fees to submit your personal stories and provide your views about the reasons why access to justice should remain free for all.

Be sure to respond before 25 March, which is the last day of the government’s consultation on the plans.

The CSP’s view

The CSP has prepared an organisational response to the consultation. We believe a reintroduction of fees will leave rogue employers feeling confident in their bad employment practices.

In 2017, we celebrated when tribunal fees – first introduced in 2013 – were thrown out by the Supreme Court. 

But we also noted the harmful impact that their brief imposition had on workers – with a drop of almost 80 per cent in the number of claims made during that time. 

As a result, we will continue to work with our sibling unions to oppose their reintroduction.

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