Senedd committee hears rehabilitation evidence from CSP

The Welsh Senedd health and care committee heard evidence from the CSP in its supporting people with chronic conditions inquiry.

Calum (left) giving evidence to MSs
The CSP's Calum Higgins, left, and David Davies of the RCOT, giving evidence

Calum Higgins, the CSP's policy and public affairs manager for Wales gave evidence at the Senedd alongside the Royal College of Occupational Therapists on 8 February, answering key questions on primary care, rehab, equality, and good practice examples. 

The purpose of the inquiry

The inquiry aims to identify practical actions that can deliver improvements to enable services to focus on the person as a whole, not their individual conditions.  According to the committee’s inquiry summary, the vision of person-centred care is widely shared, however the next stage is to progress its implementation into practice to better support people with chronic conditions?

The committee aims to create practical recommendations to the Welsh Government, and the CSP's evidence will key in creating these. 

On giving evidence, Calum said: 'This was a great opportunity to talk to members of the Senedd directly, giving them examples of best practice by physiotherapists in health boards across Wales.  We discussed the need to recognise the right to rehab in practical delivery of services, the need for a no wrong door policy for patients, and the need for health boards to deliver against the Health Education Improvement Wales rehab standards work launched last year.'

Watch the inquiry in full

At the end of the session, committee chair Russell George thanked the professional bodies for their evidence:  'We really appreciate it, and for your previous papers, as well. It's really helped our work, and I think there are quite a few recommendations just from this session, in my mind, in any case. So, diolch yn fawr iawn. Thank you very much.'

The evidence session can be viewed in full on Senedd TV, the role of allied health professions starts one hour and 14 minutes into the inquiry.

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