CSP welcomes Labour’s promise of focus on community healthcare

The CSP has welcomed Labour’s promise to place an increasing focus on health services in the community, if the party to come to power after the next general election. 

The Labour party says it will make physiotherapists a central part of the skill mix in its plans for improved community-based care

Labour’s vision, set out this week with the publication of its ‘Let’s Get Britain’s Future Back’ document outlines how the National Health Service must, it says, be increasingly seen as a neighbourhood health service. 

The opposition party says that at the heart of its healthcare reforms is “a plan to move care closer to communities” and that this must be “supported by cutting edge treatment and technology, to prevent illness.” 

The CSP is encouraged by the pledge to ensure that physiotherapists are key among its trial Neighbourhood Health Centres idea, which it promises will bring family doctors, district nurses, care workers, physiotherapists, and mental health specialists under one roof. 

Brynnen Ririe, the CSP’s public affairs lead, said: 'It is welcome news that Labour is committing to make physiotherapists a central part of the skill mix in community-based care.

We know that providing rehabilitation at or closer to peoples’ homes has a ripple effect through the NHS system, improving patient flow through hospital and reducing the chance of readmission

'We stand ready to work with any future government to ensure that everyone’s right to rehab is realised whether in hospital, or in the community.'

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