Delayed discharge data again shows why rehab is vital

The latest delayed discharge data has highlighted again the need to invest in rehabilitation services and the rehab workforce.

The details from NHS England, and reported by BBC News, detail how, in June, of those patients who were in hospital for at least 14 days, 1,791 a day, on average, could not be discharged because of a lack of residential or nursing home beds.

Some 1,727 people a day were also waiting for a rehabilitation bed in the community.

On average, according to the BBC report, the figures showed 2,033 patients a day were waiting for resources to assess and begin care at home.

Responding to the report, Sara Hazzard, assistant director at the CSP said: 'The NHS data revealing how many people are unable to be discharged from hospital due to waiting for rehabilitation is shocking but no surprise.

'We have been warning that a lack of rehab is causing the system to seize up and ruining people's recovery. The government and NHS leaders must consider rehab as a key contributor to addressing the current challenges being faced by the NHS, as well as those anticipated as winter gets closer.

"It’s not just about beds, but staff, space and resources in homes and in community settings that enable patients to move around and receive the vital treatment they need to recover.

'We surveyed more than 500 physio staff in the winter and at the beginning of the summer about whether they had lost rehab space and what impact this has had on patients.

'Due to lack of appropriate rehab space, 59 per cent report seeing increased levels of disability and 50 per cent reporting depression and anxiety among patients as they struggle to cope with long-term pain and immobility.

'The importance of rehab cannot be underestimated. It has a vital role to play in addressing the challenges now, and in the future.'

The CSP also co-chairs and convenes the Community Rehabilitation Alliance, a coalition of approximately 50 charities and professional bodies who are all committed to improving commissioning, planning and delivery of rehabilitation.

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