Health minister meets with CSP over rehab workforce

The CSP, alongside partner organisations of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance met with health minister Will Quince this week to discuss the need to expand and maintain the rehabilitation workforce.

The discussion, which was chaired by the CSP, followed a recent letter from the minister, in which he agreed with the CRA and CSP that rehabilitation is 'as essential as medicines and surgery'.

Will Quince
Health minister Will Quince met with the CSP and CRA partners to discuss the valuable role of the rehab workforce

The meeting, which was held online and was attended by representatives from the CSP, Stroke Association, British Geriatric Society and Athma + Lung UK, set out for the minister how rehabilitation can play an important part in addressing the many challenges facing the NHS. Crucially, much of what was talked about centred on the rehabilitation workforce in light of the recently published NHS Workforce Plan for England.

Read the CRA's response to the NHS Workforce Plan.

Sara Hazzard, assistant director at the CSP and co-chair of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance said she was encouraged by how receptive the minister was to the value of rehabilitation. She said: 'While it is heartening to see the interest in rehab at the very centre of government it is a long time coming.

'It is down to the monumental efforts of my colleagues at the CSP alongside active members of the CRA that we are able to lead the influential campaign for a right to rehab for everyone.

'The minister appeared interested and open to our serious rehab workforce concerns and possible solutions.  As always, the proof is in the action and we will continue to keep the pressure and spotlight on the issues that matter to members, the profession and people who need rehab.'

The delegation from the CRA also shared with the minister the importance of having clear leadership for rehab in ICBs, articulating that where this is happening, there are positive signs of the impact on the delivery of rehab services.

The CSP, as part of the CRA will continue to engage with the minister following the meeting, by sharing examples of best practice.

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