'Ensure sufficient space for physio rehab' say NHS leaders after CSP pressure

NHS England has called on service leaders and estates managers to evaluate the use of facilities to ensure that there is enough physio rehab space.


The move follows sustained pressure from the CSP, which led to a ministerial intervention on the issue of rehabilitation space.

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The request, which was made in an internal 5 May NHS bulletin, stated: 'we need to ensure there is sufficient space and facilities to support the rehabilitation and discharge of patients, including those requiring access to physiotherapy spaces. 

'Working with your estates teams, please evaluate how space is being used in your buildings, including any proposed changes, so that adequate space is allocated to functions like physiotherapy. '

The CSP, which is also co-chair of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance, acknowledges that this instruction is a step in the right direction, but stresses that it must be followed up with real-world restoration of lost rehab space in order for it to make a real difference to physiotherapists, their services, and crucially, their patients. 

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