ACPPLD launch new video resource: ‘So your next patient has a learning disability’

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for People with Learning Disabilities (ACPPLD) has launched a short video guide for non-specialist physiotherapy staff,  to help them make reasonable adjustments for people with learning disabilities who access their services.


The three-minute animation, ‘So your next patient has a learning disability’, provides simple but practical advice practical advice for physiotherapists on how to manage appointments for people with learning disabilities, and suggestions on how to improve their physiotherapy outcomes.

David Standley, chair of the ACPPLD, said:

We encourage all physiotherapists to share the animation widely with your colleagues, patients and their care networks and the multidisciplinary team

‘This is critically important within the current climate due to the recruitment problems of specialist learning disability physiotherapists across the UK.

‘Therefore, it is even more essential that we support people with a learning disability to positively access mainstream services wherever possible.

‘Together we can help more people with a learning disability get the best physio-therapy care.’

A legal obligation

Mr Standley added that there were many reasons why adults with learning disabilities may need physiotherapy support and advice throughout their lives.

‘Most people with a learning disability can access mainstream physiotherapy services with reasonable adjustments and healthcare services have a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments to help people achieve positive outcomes.

‘Specialist learning disability physiotherapists in your local community learning disability team should then be available if you need more support after making reasonable adjustments.’

The new video is part of ACCPLD’s ongoing the ‘So your next patient has a learning disability’ campaign, which includes related resources such as posters and a written guide for physiotherapists, which is available as a PDF download.

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