Strikes in Wales paused after negotiated offer reached

Unions, including the CSP, receive a negotiated final offer following extensive negotiations with Welsh Government.

The CSP’s strikes in Wales are now on hold - to allow for the Welsh Government’s final offer to be put to members in a consultative ballot.

Other unions have taken the same decision, with most healthcare strikes paused. 

The new offer includes a further 3 per cent on top of the £1,400 given to all staff, 1.5 per cent of which would be consolidated. 

In addition, the revised package includes some other elements of terms and conditions. Adam Morgan, senior negotiating officer for Wales, said:

‘The Welsh government did what we asked them to and came to the table for meaningful talks. 

‘We feel it is important to return the good faith shown by the government and now consult members. Whilst it still doesn't match inflation, this is the full and final offer. The amount offered for 2022-23 is only available during this financial year. Therefore, if rejected, the Welsh Government has stated the offer will have to be withdrawn and there will be no improvement to the 2022-23 pay award. 

‘It is now up to members to vote on whether they accept this offer or not. Following this, the health unions in Wales will vote whether to accept or reject the offer based on the democratic outcome of each union.’

Elaine Sparkes, assistant director of employment relations at the CSP, called on the government in Westminster to follow its counterparts in Cardiff and Edinburgh ahead of strikes also planned in England.

‘We’ve shown first in Scotland and now in Wales that we are committed to finding a solution through negotiations that are conducted in good faith,’ she said.

‘It is inexplicable that with 88,000 appointments already cancelled due to strikes in England, the government is willing to just stand by and let further days of strikes take place without any attempt to prevent that happening.

‘Our message remains the same: talk to us and avert these strikes.’

Next steps

The CSP will now carry out a consultative survey electronically opening the week of the 13 February to determine members’ views on the deal.

Following the conclusion of the consultative survey, the CSP will participate in a vote of the Welsh Partnership Forum, with all other health unions, to determine whether the improved offer will be accepted by NHS workers in Wales.

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