Vote 'Yes' - vote now for industrial action in England and Wales

NHS-employed members are being urged to vote YES this week, to put us in a position of strength for any further discussions with the UK and Welsh governments.

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Our industrial action ballot remains open, with papers needing to be with Civica – our election services provider – by 12 December.

However, with significant postal strikes expected, we are urging all remaining members to vote as soon as possible this week to ensure your vote is counted.

Vote 'Yes'. Every vote counts

In the video below, CSP Council chair Ishmael Beckford and vice chair Alex Spearritt explain why the CSP is recommending that all NHS-employed members vote 'Yes' for industrial action.

Ishmael explains that in order to put the CSP 'in the best possible position to fight for fair pay we need you, all our eligible NHS colleagues, to votes Yes'.


Restrictive trade union laws make it vital for all members to use their vote. For the CSP to have a mandate to call for industrial action:

  • over 50 per cent of the electorate must return a ballot paper
  • yes votes must be greater than votes against
  • in England, yes votes must be at least 40 per cent of the total number of eligible voters

These rules apply to each employer being balloted, so speak to colleagues in your workplace to make sure they've received a voting pack and encourage everyone to return their ballot by post.

What could a 'Yes' vote achieve?

Last week, the Scottish government returned to the negotiating table with health unions and added a further £35m to the Scottish government's pay offer.

This followed several health unions – including the CSP – securing a legal mandate for industrial action following a successful ballot on members.

CSP members in Scotland will now be consulted on this latest renegotiated offer

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